😝😝 What brand of vodka should you buy? My Vodka RANT.

So you want to buy vodka, but you’re afraid. You don’t know what the best brand of vodka is to buy and you’re looking to us to help you. We are here to help, we will tell you how we select the brand of vodka we use.

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You don’t need to read a vodka review to pick your vodka brand, reach out, grab what you see that fits your budget (or you already own) and use that for creating cocktails.
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26 thoughts on “😝😝 What brand of vodka should you buy? My Vodka RANT.

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  1. You talk like a typical ignorat who doesn't know vodka at all… Even if you use vodka for screwdriver, you can sense the other aromas that vodka brings. Talking that 7$ vodka it's the same as Smirnoff it's like comparing bud ligth to craft beer.

  2. only To a point , REALLY cheap vodka, especially if in plastic will put you in the hospital,,, they will call it alcohol poisoning but its NOT as even amounts well under what that would be will do it..

  3. So, you're saying I should buy that bottom shelf 5 O'clock Vodka for $7, over Greygoose or Absolut?

  4. In the USA Vodka is typically made from grain but it does not need to be grain. MGPI makes MOST of the big brand vodka in the USA. Funny story….my girlfriend comes home with SKINNY GIRL vodka….pays like $35 for a 750 ml bottle. I tell her "Sweetie I can make you skinny girl for about $8 a bottle…..just take vodka and go from 80 proof to 60 by adding water! Damn brilliant marketing and stupid people paying for it!

  5. Forgot to say that vodka can be made from any fermentable thing like potatoes or grain or whatever. Historically made from potatoes because that was what was available but fermenting potatoes taste like…well not good…so you HAD to distill it to a neutral level to get rid of the horrible taste..as he says a neutral spirit is neutral meaning NO flavor.

  6. Vodka is not necessarily a "neutral GRAIN spirit". By definition it is a neutral spirit (because ethanol doe not have any flavor or smell to humans it is considered "neutral") and by law must be distilled to over 192 proof. So the only real difference with vodka is the water added to get it to 80 proof or flavoring. Buy the cheapest one you can find!

  7. I like the cut-away shots but it's kind of odd that it changes to black and white. it's cool but I feel like I'm watching a b&w film haha

  8. Ok.. So I can get some use out of these free Deep Eddy bottles of Vodka I got for free

  9. Off rip, Thumbs up for that banging ass shirt.
    Decepticons for life (Gen 1, not that silly Michael Bay crap)

  10. Amazing video Derrick. Quick question. You know how you say all vodkas are neutral grain spirits which I agree upon, but does that mean you can get any vodka and it's pretty much all the same (meaning no real top shelf/bottom shelf). Also some vodka's vary in their level of "smoothness", is this a real thing?

  11. Generally a good explanation as usual, but being a chemist I must disagree and split hairs with some points. Not all vodka is "grain neutral spirit." While true that the majority of vodkas are from grain, many are from other sources such as potato (Grand Teton, Chopin), grape (Hangar One, Ciroc), corn (Tito's, Buckeye) and even sugar (Old Fourth). I agree completely that once you are making a cocktail, brand quickly becomes irrelevant. If, however, you enjoy vodka neat brand and derivation are VERY important. The trace elements in the water and distilled product are much more pronounced and make the difference between an enjoyable spirit and something unpleasant. Based on my opinion, generalisations and tastings, corn vodka tends to have a much sweeter finish, while potato vodka is more earthy with faint hints of copper. The analogy I offer is like listening to soft music. If you try to listen to soft music in a large, noisy room, the task is nearly pointless. If you listen to that same music in a quiet intimate room, you can appreciate the subtleties of every note an nuance. The cocktail and mixes are like the loud room. There are too many more powerful flavours at play to notice the subtle differences. But the spirit alone and neat, you can taste the water and the origins of the vodka base. It depends on what you want out of your drink. If you drink to get drunk, go cheap and cheerful. If you drink to taste every subtle note of a spirit, experiment with different vodkas with different waters and different bases. To use another analogy, ultimately a transit bus or a Rolls Royce will take you to your destination. If you care more about the journey, treat yourself to riding in the Rolls. If all that matters is the destination, save yourself A LOT of money, and buy a bus ticket.

  12. i saw bacon vodka the other day. i blame you americans

  13. How to choose a vodka: look at the proof, look at the price tag. Pick the strongest, cheapest one. It's not rocket surgery.

  14. I like Svedka. Just stay away from the stuff that burns too much.

  15. Hi DS. I went to total wine in thousand oaks a few years ago probably about five years ago and the man himself was signing crystal head big heads yes Dan the Canadian actor was signing it and I forked over the cash and got a big decanter skull and some nice vodka but to your point it's the best bottle of vodka I ever bought ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. I was at store the other day, needed vodka for a recipe and was like wtf is the difference, "aren't they all the same?" Thanks for confirming my selection of the cheap stuff….BTW I went home and put it into a decorative bottle at home and I swear it made my drink taste better!

  17. Here's one that pisses me off – 'gluten free' vodka. Partner is coeliac and we take that stuff seriously, but wtf, since when did any of those gluten proteins actually make it into the bottle you drink.

  18. Awesome video and I totally agree. I must have about 150 bottles of spirit products in my collection (I drink them by the way) and that includes 1 bottle of vodka. When it's empty I might get a different one but it will never cost more than ยฃ20.

  19. Neutral Grain Spirit is Neutral Grain Spirit – cheap alcohol for the effect.

    But there are some interesting "field to bottle" vodkas out there, which are completely different – especially in terms of flavor. Did you ever tried vodkas like Xellent, Valt, Prince Edward Island, Chopin, Vestal, Chase, Death Door or FREIMUT Wodka from Germany? – I'm sure those would change the way you think about vodka. Would be great to see a blind tasting in the future.

  20. You can't beat ketel one for $33 for a large 1.75L. I will tell you when making a martini 80% of people would prefer the softer taste of grey goose or belvedere over SVEDKA or stoli. I've done the tests without people knowing the brand. I agree it's a neutral spirit and don't make a big deal out of it. However you can get better tasting vodka at a fair price like I mentioned. Once you pay more than 40 or 50 for vodka then you've hit the twilight zone.

  21. Thanks to this video, I got the cheapest vodka that was on sale and didn't feel bad about it.

  22. i'm not a huge fan of vodka, i am on dat tequila train again. But 60% water? guess i've never thought of it that way..

  23. Can you please make a video explaining what vodka with "Natural flavors" means? I can't find any info on it. Seems to be in the cheaper vodkas.

  24. Have you try POLUGAR? MUST HAVE, MAN"!

  25. 10 . . . best . . .. water . . . ????

  26. heaven hill. 1.75l for about 12 bucks. taste is very slightly sweet. totally fine for a straight shot, great in cocktails. Looks the same as crystal head when its in the same bottle too ๐Ÿ˜‰

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