Vodka-Infused Fruit Taste Test

“This is like if you took vodka and made it crunchy…”

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38 thoughts on “Vodka-Infused Fruit Taste Test

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  1. getting good cuz u getting drunk

  2. Cucumber is not fruis

  3. Fruit-cucumber

    Since when?

  4. Vodka infused candy? YES. Fruit? Idk….

  5. other then blueberries, that was almost 95% unhelpful

  6. Never knew cucumbers were a fruit

  7. "One shot of Vodka"

  8. I forgot that tomatoes were a fruit.
    then i remembered that cucumbers were earlier in the video.

  9. "Vodka-Infused Fruit Taste Test" Then has cucumbers.

  10. lol when i was 10 i ate vodka-infused gummy bears and i luved it
    sometime i bring it with me to work

  11. never put gummy Bears into vodka cuzz they will be disgusting when you eat them

  12. I feel like I'm the only person who's favorite alcohol is vodka

  13. 'If you have children and you want them to fall asleep…'
    I cried hahaha

  14. I feel like as they eat more fruit, they get more use to the strength beachside they're getting drunk lol

  15. These reactions are hilarious


  17. I hate how it's in a jar and their dirty hands have to grab around in it

  18. am i ths only one who actually likes the taste of vodka . like i could drink it alllll dayy

  19. When my mom was in high school she had a teacher that she and her friends called Mrs. Vodka, because she had a jar of vodka-infused oranges that she ate through the day and would always end up super drunk.

  20. Vodka infused milk

  21. that guy reminded me of Donald Glover


  23. How are they surprised about vodka tomatoes? Hello? Bloody Mary anyone??

  24. these new buzzfeed employees are so boring

  25. Vodka blueberries are on my to-do list now.

  26. One time I accidentally ate watermelon infused with alcohol and didn't notice, I guess it wasn't a whole lot. But I ate so much watermelon I was pretty drunk. Oops. I love watermelon.

  27. Either they did this wrong, or there's some creative alcoholics out their that burned off their taste buds years ago.

  28. I didn't know cucumber was a fruit.

  29. Thats not how you infuse a watermelon with vodka.
    You want a whole watermelon, a syringe, some vodka. Inject the vodka into the watermelon with the syringe, place the watermelon in the fridge for 2-3 hours.
    Cut the watermelon in two and eat it with a spoon (to not waste the vodka infused juice)
    The problem with infusing cut fruit with vodka is that by cutting it you have removed some of the juice out of the fruit and then by drowning it in vodka you made it taste of nothing but vodka. By injecting the vodka into a whole fruit, you can control the dose and thus change the end result depending on what you want.

  30. There such wimps with alcohol they had a few bits of fruit and were acting drunk

  31. He said it wasn't very a-PEEL-ing

  32. Or you could just buy kinky

  33. Bet you there in Canada

  34. My step dad made vodka infused plums I did NOT taste them because I'm only 11

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