Vodka-Filled Chocolate Prank

People Get Chocolate Drunk: Russian Style


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Easter egg exploded
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Vodka Bottle With Caps
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Irine Tabach


43 thoughts on “Vodka-Filled Chocolate Prank

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  1. "You couldn't sleep, so I helped you sleep. And it was delicious"

  2. I died when he said cyanide

  3. Where are my russians at???

  4. Any Russians watching this?

  5. I had liqueur chocolate

  6. 3:09 I swear i was expecting someone to say cyka blyat LOL

  7. Revised title: The Day Eric Got Everyone In The Office Drunk

  8. I felt my throat burn just from watching this

  9. Omg i love this dude

  10. Sooo Russian moms dont let kids sleep when they give vodka candy.

  11. Yea but dude, panda chocolate is from finland!

  12. Just an fyi guys my friends sis is his gf soooo… just a little off limits

  13. that looks so goooood

  14. How about brandy beans?

  15. you are kidding me you have to go to a russian town to get it!?!
    Here in argentina you get it at any kind of 7/11 store/ gas station, we have ones filled with licour, one brand even has a little cutie bottle shape.

  16. Panda Oy is a Finnish confectionery company based in Jyväskylä, Finland. Panda is known for its liquorice and chocolate products.

  17. Any time i go to Poland or Russia i buy at least a Kilo of these, theyre so good!!!

  18. What's wrong with you people?!
    Vodka Chocolate is freaking delicious.

  19. Lol it's not only a Russian thing haha – we have these in Estonia too and I actually ended up getting chocolate wasted and threw up from these when I was about 6 years old lol

  20. Blood turns into Vodka

  21. What happen to LA buzzfeed

  22. This guy no joke is my cousin

  23. He looks and sounds like josh from until dawn

  24. You should have given it to Eugene…he would have loved it XD

  25. hopefully none of them are diabetic lol

  26. I love the random mannequin in the background


  28. When your desperate

  29. Ain't Panda Finnish chocolate?

  30. I like watching videos from buzzfeed offices around the world as opposed to just the LA office – more of the new york/international offices please!

  31. I wanna be this dude's friend

  32. Gives kids Vodka Chocolate. WTF

  33. Panda is a Finnish brand…

  34. 1:00 Silicon Valley Season 5 spoilers
    Gilfoyle left Pied Piper and started working for Buzzfeed

  35. he kinda looks like the lead from Mr. Robot, anyone agree?

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