Unusual Negroni Cocktail – The Proper Pour with Charlotte Voisey – Small Screen


How to Make a Negroni Cocktail
How to Roll a Cocktail

Have you ever thrown a cocktail? Not at someone. FOR someone. Throwing a cocktail is another way to mix a cocktail for your guests by “throwing” the ingredients back and forth from mixing glass to tin. Charlotte Voisey demonstrates this technique while making her Unusual Negroni cocktail.

Hendrick’s Gin: http://bit.ly/hendricks_reservebar

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negroni cocktail
how to roll a cocktail


15 thoughts on “Unusual Negroni Cocktail – The Proper Pour with Charlotte Voisey – Small Screen

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  1. I'm italian and born near to Veneto, so I had a little heart attack seeing this 😀

  2. miss ice in the glasses and the orange zest or slice orange, It should be put in the glass

  3. very cool! great video!

  4. love your show but "d**n , you just killed it"! D:

  5. I believe this would "bruise" the gin just as much as shaking

  6. I find better name for this Cocktail.. WRONG Negroni 2 !!
    you can not call him so considering that there are different incrediente.
    i'll try this but…  CHOSE other name plz 😀

  7. Fantastic. I'll give this a whirl. (Must practice that distance pour.) Guests will be impressed. Charlotte is always so engaging and authoritative. Not everything can be covered in a video, but I'm guessing Lillet Blanc is used instead of Lillet Rouge because Aperol is a little sweeter than Campari?

  8. So, I believe that this is Ms. Voisey's home bar?

  9. unusual but not negroni….

  10. if you did in Italy, you'll be arrested.

  11. Really unusual…. Aperol instead of Campari….

  12. Ray,

    William Grant & Sons underwrites The Proper Pour video serues. Not only does William Grant & Sons import and create great spirits, they employ some of the world's greatest authorities (like Charlotte) in the bartending industry and want you to learn more through each episode of The Proper Pour. Thus, their brands are the main spirits featured in each episode of the show. Lillet is also one of their portfolio brands.

    Thank you for watching!

    Small Screen

  13. In all the Proper Poor episodes the Grant and Sons' liqours are being pushed. Always the Hendricks, Sailor, Milagros, etc. It was stated earlier Charlotte is their embassador so makes sense, but is there a relationship with Lillet as well?

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