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  1. I've always wondered… How do the bartenders tell when they've reached the appropriate quantity of each liquor without measuring it? The length of the pour from the spout?

  2. Hello there! I came initially after I watched a movie called "Hard boiled" where the protagonist liked his tequila shaken with soda. Turns out there's more to the recipe and so many more opportunities for experimentation. Nice channel, wish I could drop by the bar if I travel there. Could you tell your address please? -Bob

  3. loved all of them expect the last one

  4. Thanks. I keep seeing "fill with orange juice" for Tequila Sunrise recipes. But it depends on the size of the glass surely? I mean I can see roughly what amounts of orange juice are going in, but I need to be sure. The last drink looked lovely, but I don't know where I'd get raspberry puree.

  5. HA i recognize this place i guess its practically the same everywhere!! good ole RT

  6. Lol Delicious!
    Keep up the good work, your vids are awesome.

  7. Excellent. Very professional. I think it's great that you've got the recipe so we can read it while the drinks are prepared. Thanks for posting.

  8. MrFendenza Can i use any other stuff other then grenadine?

  9. why you use cherry syrup instead of normal grenadine?

  10. Texas Two-Step is my new fav! My patrons are loving it as well! Nicely done! Your vids are great.

  11. Where is your bar?

  12. Who the hell measures drinks in ounces???

  13. Anyone see the liquor run off his fingers into the glass? good thing this is a video to make drinks at home :p.

    # mistakes happen

  14. really like your video, but some ingredients are hard to be found in China……LOL….anyways keep going

  15. your videos get better everytime

  16. Youre awesome DUDE! I really like watching your videos!

  17. so who drinks em after these vids? XD

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