The Coolest Thing You’ll Do with Vodka

Vodka on Ice… literally.

Here’s a fun trick I first saw at Sammy’s Roumanian Steakhouse in New York City’s Lower East Side.

If you’re buying the OJ for the vodka anyway, transfer the juice to something else for screwdrivers later, and use the carton to freeze your bottle in a block of ice.

It’s fun and impressive – for very little effort. Plus, encasing the bottle in ice is very good at keeping it cold. And it goes down a whole lot easier.

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22 thoughts on “The Coolest Thing You’ll Do with Vodka

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  1. do the same thing with boiling water and the ice will come out clear.

  2. Or. You could just keep your bottle of vodka in the freezer? It works for us. A lot less labor.

  3. best video 2015!! luv it

  4. Braniff International Airways used to serve their vodka that way in first class in the 1960-70s!

  5. can you freeze the juice so you have orange ice ?

  6. Oh I didnt know that thanks =)

  7. The vodka.dont gonna freeze too?

  8. amazing. and welcome to the tastemade family. 

  9. next project buy everclear and freeze vodka around it

  10. this is absolutely fantastic! the channel is amazing!

  11. You can boil the water first and let it cool off and freeze it, it will make clear ice. Like the Channel first vide I saw was how to braise. Keep up the good work, short and sweet video!!!

  12. That's really cool..Wouldn't have thought of that myself.. Very imaginative.

  13. That's a tough one. If you cut a slit in the side of a cardboard 1/2 gallon (or plastic gallon) milk container you may be able to squeeze the bottle in. Maneuver the bottle's neck through the opening in the container, and fill it with water through the slit. Man, I don't know if that would work. Freezing it in layers/stages might help with leakage.

  14. that's very cool, except my freezer is small and not really suitable for vertical objects. Any ideas how to get a bottle into a block of ice while keeping it horizontal?

  15. amazing channel! keep up the great videos! Youtube and the world crave this.

  16. cool tip! saves up on ice when u got a big party…

  17. Great idea! Definitely doing this next party.

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