First, let’s look over the Moderation Team for /r/booze:

* /u/CWinthrop: former bartender and former talk show host.
* /u/jwill602: “social” moderator with a full-time life.
* /u/Jafiki91: cunning linguist with a penchant for booze, especially in cooking and baking.
* /u/djskunkie: researcher and excellent laboratory assistant.
* /u/JeremiahPThomas: digital reincarnation of the Father of the Cocktail. Created the [Blue Blazer](
* /u/shitterplug: jack of all trades, master of the bottle.

Now that you have met the Moderation team, here’s the official policies for the subreddit they’ll be moderating:


On the first offense against the subreddit rules: The offending user will receive a clear warning about the rule they’ve broken, and their post/comment will be removed.

If there happens to be a second offense against the subreddit rules: The offending user will receive a second warning, their post/comment will be removed, and they will be placed on a 3 day temporary ban from the subreddit.

And finally, in the rare case there is a third offense: The offending user will have their post/comment will be removed, and will be permanently banned from the subreddit.

**Locked Threads:**

In the interest of keeping discourse on r/booze civil, moderators reserve the right to lock threads without removal. Sometimes a user will start a thread, get a good discussion going but then something goes wrong. Either a person(s) start drama that sends the whole discussion off the rails or the discussion goes into an area that is against the rules (i.e medical discussion). Rather than locking and removing a thread of useful information, a Moderator can choose to lock the thread and leave it in place. This way, everyone can “agree to disagree” in a civil manner.

As a side-note: regular threads are automatically locked after one week to prevent spam and trolls.

**Outside Bots:**

This subreddit has a bot, JeremiahPThomas. As such, other “outside” bots are neither needed nor allowed in the subreddit. There are currently several thousand bots on Reddit, with new ones added nearly every day. Rather than spending time trying to decide if a bot is “good” or “bad,” they are removed en masse.

This is the “short version” of the rules, with the full text available through the [link]( in the sidebar (*can’t see the sidebar? [click here](*):

**No rule or policy can cover every situation. As such, our Moderators use their own discretion with enforcement of the stated rules and policies.**

* **[Medical Discussion:](** No asking for **ANY** medical advice about drinking, hangovers, drugs, etc.
* **[Underage Drinking:](** No discussion about underage drinking, period. If you’re underage, don’t post!
* **[Illegal Activity:](** No discussion of smuggling booze or other illegal activities (*including ETG and other tests*). This includes posts and comments about mixing drugs with booze, or taking drugs while drinking.
* **[Shitposting:](** Shitposting, memes, brigading, and trolling are not wanted here!
* **[Purchase/Valuation Request:](** If you can find it on Google, don’t ask us where to buy it, or how much it’s worth.
* **[Advertising:](** Whatever you’re selling, nobody here is buying. This includes surveys and “free” apps.
* **[Anti-Alcohol Rhetoric:](** If you want to know if you are an boozeic, go post in /r/AlAnon, /r/Alcoholism, or /r/stopdrinking instead. Additionally, **NOBODY** in this subreddit is interested in your “Alcohol Addiction Treatment” spam.
* **[Image/Video Posts:](** If you post an image or video link, you **MUST** comment in the thread or it will be removed! Also, moderators reserve the right to remove any image or video they believe is of low quality or otherwise is not appropriate for the subreddit.

The universal [Reddit Site Rules]( and [Reddiquette]( also apply.

As always, if you would like to discuss, need clarification, have questions, or suggestions about these rules, we have a [thread set up for that](


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