Hurricane Rum Cocktail | Shev

Welcome a new face to Drinks Tube – Shervene Shahbazkhani (Shev to her friends!) is here with the totally tropical Hurricane cocktail. Said to have originated in New York, the drink found its fame in New Orleans where its fruity flavours made it a mainstay of the French Quarter. A blend of dark and light rums, orange, lime, grenadine and passionfruit syrup, we think this cocktail will become one of your summer favourites! Sponsored by Bacardi.

Thanks a lot to the People’s Park Tavern in East London for letting us film in their lovely garden!

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39 thoughts on “Hurricane Rum Cocktail | Shev

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  1. I thought the Hurricane was made with 151 Proof Bacardi. Do people replace it with two rums due to it being illegal in most places?

  2. Since Shev is a rum expert, I'd love to see her make some old Tiki drinks like the Blue Hawaiian (or Blue Hawaii which is authentic but not quite as fun as the Blue Hawaiian), the Scorpion, or the Zombie…plus I think Shev needs a trip to Hawaii to get in the mood.  Loved this video on the Hurricane cocktail and it is also one of my other favorites. Cheers!

  3. If you are from Germany you can buy "REWE Bio" Orange Juice. I've testes several brands and this one is the only "Super Market juice" that tastes at least half-way like the real stuff.

  4. Shev is cool 🙂 can you make your own passionfruit-sirup?

  5. This is what happens when you press send 5 times after being told there was an error posting…

  6. Can Passoa liqueur be used instead of the passion fruit syrup?

  7. Did she says that she is a "rum expert"? WHY then is Bacardi at the table…take good rums!

  8. I just started practicing this cocktail and tried her receipt. I'm sorry to say it but I'm not a fan of this one.

    does any one have any good hurricane receipts?

  9. not good camera work tbh

  10. Would this still work with a Spiced rum?

  11. Thank you so much! Will be making this next heatwave 😀

  12. I always thought the Hurricane had Pineapple juice in. I've never made one though so I'm sure the expert knows better

  13. Passionfruit makes everything extra delicious! Great cocktail!

  14. We have to try this one. Thanks!

  15. Where was this filmed? Somewhere near New Orleans?

  16. Could you upload more of non-alcoholic drinks because not everyone watching drinks alcohol and I would love to recreate a little something from here sometime 🙂

  17. Bring it on,think i just found my new tipple, Thank you Shev.

  18. +Jamie Oliver's Drinks Tube 
    Something I've noticed about all of these measurements is that a shot is 25ml. In Australia, a shot is 30ml. Would you still recommend using the same measurements here, or would the extra 5 – 10 mls make minimal difference in taste?

  19. Cool! Why would one want to aerate a drink?

  20. It's definitely something you'd see in New Orleans, except it would be in a plastic cup with the words "Huge Ass Beers" on the side.

  21. There are too less non-alcoholic cocktail (mocktail) recipes on youtube…

    I hoped to find some on drink's tube… But there are still too less..

  22. a hurricane glass and a boston glass? who know? i didn't 🙂

  23. Clicked just for the hair

  24. I make mine with Dark and White rum, but also overproof rum. It elevates the rum flavour, which otherwise might be a bit too subtle. I also don't use orange juice, and rather than using only passion fruit syrup, I use passion fruit juice and just a dash of the syrup. The lime is the same though 🙂
    The Hurricane is def. one of my all-time favourites!

  25. Rhum expert, uses Bacardi….. Facepalm.

  26. Ahhh the hurricane… the start of a hangover 🙂

  27. Can you make that passion syrup yourself?

  28. love it! Would love to see more of her in the future

  29. näyttää vitun hyvältä, harmi et näin paska ilma täs vaik kesä, mut uppois toki silti samantie

  30. LOL. Thank you for the Bacardi advertisement. The Hurricane is an epic drink. Every adventurous drinker should have one, properly made version, at some point. Thank you for sharing this libatious video. Blessings ChefMike.

  31. The glass, the cocktail and the orange kinda look like her face/hairstyle lmao

  32. One crazy good looking drink!!!!

  33. Hurricane rum cocktail hugely popular in New Orleans, there is epic joke somewhere in that statement but i just cant make it, damn my empathy.

  34. I love these videos!
    I should really give them a try 😀

  35. Great Website. Really enjoyed reading.

    1. Thank you and drink up!

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