How to Shake a Cocktail – Tip & Tricks from a Bartender

Want to learn how to shake a cocktail like a pro? Top bartender Brian Means from Dirty Habit shares his best tips for shaking cocktails. What are you waiting for? Get shaking!

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15 thoughts on “How to Shake a Cocktail – Tip & Tricks from a Bartender

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  1. many times after the shake is done, the two glasses are stuck losing time and need a lot of effort to separate them…. any trick for that?

  2. THAT is the sh!tt?est ice cube EVER in this video, there should be NO large dimples in the cube as shown. IT SHOULD BE SOLID TO ACT IKE A PISTON. Or you end up with slush, just like the "chip" ice to the right. I expected better out of a video proclaiming itself This video is about ice and you failed.

  3. Every one has unique style it like handwriting each one have some thing in their way but not facing the guest

  4. Good tip is to relax when you are shaking a lot of drinks.

  5. i would add, shake parallel to your bar, not facing your customer, just in case shaker opens and you will spill the drink on your customer,

  6. "There is no one right way to shake a cocktail" I wish you were my bar mentor/director! Mine says otherwise. >->

  7. At home i'm shaking nonalcoholic cocktails. When i'm shaking,there is some foam in a shaker. When I use strainer,could I remove the foam?


  9. Anybody have an idea why liquid may spill out when I shake my cocktail? I have a pretty good seal, didn't overcrowd the shaker, but when I shake, I sometimes get some liquid that seeps out.

  10. Love that they get it right here, i can´t stand watching fellow bartendes shaking like they are just awoke from a coma, add some nice air to that drinks!Nobody wants a flat Tom Collins! 😉

  11. Such a great video thanks guys! I have one question – As a bartender, I am also never able to unwedge the two cups from each other with my hands alone – I often use the side of a bar which I am trying to break a habit of – Do you have any tips for when the cups get stuck together? Thanks!

  12. when i shake too hard, the drink often goes too water
    is it better to shake gently?

  13. This Tips and Tricks series is awesome because even though the videos are short, they go a bit beyond just saying "this is how you shake a cocktail, etc." to provide some background and explanation behind the techniques. Also the narration and scripting is great, and the visuals are cool and well put-together. I really enjoy this channel, and as a 22 year old dude, I now know more than all my friends and even my parents about craft cocktails from watching this channel and others like it. Thanks, guys!

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