How To Make Vodka

Today I show you how to make vodka. Vodka is the world’s most popular spirit/alcoholic beverage. It can contain anywhere from 20 – 80% alcohol. Vodka is commonly used when clubbing, due to the fact that it can get someone drunk very quickly, so drunk that they will happily strip naked and shove anywhere from 10 – 58 eggs up their anus without a second thought. Like vodka but don’t want to spend a fortune on purchasing it? Simply make it at home! – Follow the step by step instructions in this video!


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26 thoughts on “How To Make Vodka

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  1. Does he make himself puke? Cause this guy is the best XD

  2. My friend asked me if I could bring him some vodka, but I didn't have any so I decided to make some… Very helpful tutorial thank you

  3. hey maybe i could come over for dinner some time i have a trip planned to australia

  4. Ur correct! I come from Russia and I Know! This is exactly how u make Vodka!

  5. anuu cheki breki iv damke!!

  6. 人生楽しそうだな

  7. im a russian slav and i can 100% confirm this is how you make vodka

  8. Кто из России?

  9. Tried to make this, but it ended up very lumpy!

  10. imagine cleaning up that mess

  11. Nikolai disliked this video

  12. I wonder if he even lives in that house?

  13. Este tutorial es muy errado

    El vodka es transparente >:v

  14. Just tell me how long do you take to clean your house???

  15. This one was a lot less destructive

  16. Instructions unclear, i made tea

  17. What is this start ?! what the fuck.

  18. I bet 100000000 eggs if drunk vodka people will follow his instructions

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