15 thoughts on “How to make vodka shots

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  1. now puke fucker u r drank

  2. EEEEWWW, that was DISGUSTIIIIING!!! >> 1:04 <<

    Then why in the world are you teaching folks to make it???

  3. I turned my monitor 90° to watch the video…

  4. Oh my god he did 0nly 10 shots I can do more than that!

  5. he is a rookie and hes wasting vodka hope Polish or Russian citzens will punish him…

  6. that guy is fucking drunk X"D

  7. tastes like college hahaha

  8. My buddy Andy was feelin' pretty good by the end of it!

  9. how wasted were you at the end if this? 😀

  10. nikka yuh fucked up nice me to

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