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  1. this is not vodka this is shit

  2. That's how you make Ethonol, and as a Scientist This is NOT a proper way to make anything. I should be airtight with a airlock. This guy is a Idiot.

  3. you have to avoid methanol from destilation IT IS lethally poison!

  4. 40 degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit

  5. distilling is necessary

  6. i am 100% sure that will probably about 5%vol n taste of piss needs distilling

  7. let down, without distilling it tastes like cheap wine made love to a rat in a hobo piss sex dungeon. And without distilling there is virtually no kick to it. I will distill it and maybe then it won't taste like a hippo shit in a dirty needle bin while a homeless man wanks into it and uses the dirty needles for nipple piercings in his septic nipples while an old lady gently kicks you in the back of the mouth.

  8. cool vid i wil definatley try

  9. thats a basic wash mate…

  10. اللي عربي لايك

  11. Sorry mate but what you have made here is nothing but an unflavoured wine.

    You need to make this mix and ferment it to completion like you would do with a wine. I would not use a yeast like this. Something like still spirits turbo yeast is fine. So you would add your water at 40 degrees. Add the sugar and stir until fully dissolved. Add a carbon like (still spirits turbo carbon) and wait until the temperature drops to about 25 degrees celcius. at that point add in your still spirits turbo yeast and leave it to sit for 10 days. Then you have to clear it. I would suggest something like still spirits turbo clear (my personal preference on the turbo spirits stuff btw. 

    After it is cleared which takes another 2 days all the sedement will drop to the bottom – you need to syphon it off into another bucket leaving the sedement in the backet. That gives you around 14-16% alcohol. You then have to distill it. For every 4.5Litres of this wine you distill – Remove the first 50ml and bin that (blindness juice) – Take the next 800ml (thats the stuff you want) – save the rest for another distillation later on. You then take that 800ml and add 400ml of water to it and run it through a carbon filter. When it comes out of the distiller the 800ml will be at about 60-75% ABV, adding the 400ml water brings it down to 40% which is what you need to run it through the carbon filter. Any higher than 45% and the filter wont like it. Run the new mixture of 400ml/800ml water/alcohol through the filter and bang your done. You can then add flavourings etc if you want.

    So you see what you have produced is far from a vodka

  12. This looks more like African American Kool Aid than Vodka

  13. lets be honest here, this isnt vodka even by a long shot. FIRST of all 25 litres with 8KG of sugar will ferment to approx 14-16% ABV not to mention he is force fermenting with 48HR Alcotec which drastically gives poor quality, I ferment for 2 weeks also using liquid carbon (preventing off flavours) and creating an airtight fermentation where the Co2 escapes and no air enters ensuring there is no possibility of infection and contamination. SECOND, Clearing (Turbo Klar I use) , you need to clear the brew, sending all the yeast sediment and used nutrients to the bottom of the brew. THIRD, you need to syphon into a Distiller, now may i remind anyone in the UK it is illegal to use a distiller for Alcohol purposes (never stopped me however) as im British. Distilling 4 Litres at 14-16%ABV will give back 800ml at approx 60-70%ABV and I must stress this, ALWAYS!!! discard the first 50ml as theres a risk it may be Methanol and can make you go blind in the long run, after 50ml you are safe and will get Alcohol. FORTH, use a Carbon filter, helps remove any off flavours the distiller nay have created. Once your done that is it, add your flavours or whatever.

    Any Questions, feel free to send me a message, This is a dear hobby of mine I know exactly what im doing and im happy to share with u guys. Happy homebrewing

  14. and here it is : 10 gallons of Vodka xD

  15. Diabetes vodka lol

  16. I'm no scientist but I'm pretty sure that's not vodka.

  17. LoL, vodka is normalli made of malt like whiskey, then destilled. This is only pure alkohol and water, without destillation it's gonna be around 12-14 alc% i suppose. But if you make this and destille it its a good base for some liquers :).

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