How to Make a Margarita Cocktail

Mixologist Eben Freeman, of Tailor restaurant in New York City, demonstrates how to prepare a variation on the classic Margarita cocktail.

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How to Make a Margarita Cocktail

Starring: Eben Freeman


28 thoughts on “How to Make a Margarita Cocktail

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  1. Would you like some cocktail with your sugar and salt?

  2. Very good Video easy to understand.

  3. thats a lot of added sugar, disgusting. keep margaritas simple queer

  4. Awesome video! You guys rock and I love margaritas!

  5. When I was younger I thought this drink was slightly sour and sweet….turns out it tastes like sour asshole.
    After mexican ofc.

  6. what about the Margarita cup? I mean, is it correct if I use a different cup or glass for that cocktail?

  7. sugar in margarita is unnecessary

  8. Why swirl it to dissolve the sugar? You're about to shake it anyway. Perhaps it would dissolve better if you used less.

  9. not for me.  TOO MUCH ICE!   in one minute all be watery !!

  10. Thats alot of sugar!!

  11. Not sure why is this gay

  12. Margaritas are not gay

  13. Use Arizona made (and award winning) Agave Rum from Desert Diamond Distillery instead of the tequila if you want a delicious American made drink!! 🙂  It's got the smoke, it's got the aging, it's got the delicious compexity that this guy is talking about!!

  14. lime wedge ? idiot !!!

  15. What kind of hillbilly bumpkin uses table salt?

  16. how to make a molotov cocktail

  17. Is that a lot of salt?

  18. This guy, now he knows how to make them, the rest are hacks…thanks guy!

  19. Lime ice cubes
    Frozen black mulberry 
    Small amount off water


  20. i think u could use just 1 spoon of sugar, or even no sugar!!
    I'm not speaking about my personal taste.. but reposado tequila is more balanced than blanco tequila (which lots of bar use).

  21. 2:13 he has cointreau in his hand ,2:14 he has tequila in in his hand.

    How can he do that ? Talent ?

  22. How to make a margarita. ( dont make it, make a tommys margarita instead.)
    50 ml Blanco tequila (yes not aged)
    20 ml lime juice
    10 ml agave nectar
    on the rocks, no salt.

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