Green Cocktail with Cucumber Garnish Click on the link to get the full recipe for this refreshing green cocktail with several flavor variations on Nita’s blog. You will learn how to make this lovely fringed cucumber garnish in this video. It’s super easy and fast. Yet unusual and pretty.

Check out Nita Gill’s blog, by clicking the link above for lots of other fun vegetable and fruit carving ideas. Also see Nita’s YouTube Channel


19 thoughts on “Green Cocktail with Cucumber Garnish

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  1. Very nice! Thank you!

  2. Great idea. Thank you

  3. I love it. It's such pretty.
    Best Regards ..
    From Turkey!

  4. mam its fab. thnx for such an idea

  5. good job.. thanks.


  7. so this is green garnish

  8. My friend Got a boner by just watching this

  9. I never get success in carving and i m sad but u made this nice

  10. I'm glad that you had success with this one. :~)

  11. I done this and it worked well. Thx Mrs Gilll 🙂

  12. well more as a horderve as a canape has a base, maybe thin sliced strawberry would be nioe!

  13. nice, I wanna operate a 30's style lounge, andthis cucumber trick will make it on the menu..well as a garnish to a nice gin drink. Also would be nice to stuff/roll up with a salmon mouse and use as a canapes.

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