Getting Started – Shaking vs Stirring

Why do you shake some cocktails, but stir others? In this video, I discuss the science of ice and dilution, and how that determines whether to shake or stir.







“Cantaloupe Island”


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  1. What are your thoughts on bartending school, pros and cons?
    You can probably make a video on that topic

  2. This is the 21st century, we have these devices called refrigerator. It chills the drink, without diluting it. Problem solved. Welcome to the 21st century, enjoy your stay.

  3. Did he just tell me how to hold a spoon

  4. Now I know what Bond meant

  5. when you say dilution… you make it sound like delusion!

  6. Can dry-ice (frozen CO2) be used to cool drinks?
    I imagine it will also carbonate it?

  7. 3:21 *Fundamental law of coctails (wrong)*:
    Chilling (minus dilution): You can freeze solid (non reactive) objects and use them for cooling.
    Dilution (minus chilling): just pour in some warm tap water or whatever you want ;P

  8. shaken not stirred

  9. question: why firstly pour the liquid and then put the ice in when stirring? if you put the ice first nothing splashes or anything

  10. What about the vodka martini?!?

  11. So is shaking v stirring like spitting or swallowing.

  12. I'll take a rum and coke, shaken please

  13. Quick question: I think for Whiskeys, there are those Metal / Stone cubes that can be used to cool a drink without dilutung it (except for condensing water, that is). And on the other hand, you could throw in some water at the drink's temperature to dilute it without cooling it. Is that just "not how it's done"?

  14. nice cantaloupe island intro

  15. What about using whiskey stones? not for mixing drinks but for keeping whiskey cold

  16. Nicely presented! I'd say the only thing missing is that shaking will also emulsify a cocktail, whether that means incorporating egg white, cream, sugar or other ingredients whereas stirring will not. Rule of thumb: If you expect the resulting drink to be clear, stir it; if you expect it to be opaque, shake it.

  17. You absolutely CAN chill without diluting, (1. pre-chilling alcohols in the fridge or freezer, 2. CO2, 3. Liquid Nitrogen. 4. actual frozen food safe rocks like granite), and you can easily dilute without chilling by using room temperature or blood warm water to dilute without chilling.
    I DO agree that understanding the importance or temperature and dilution is critical to elevating your bartending game!

  18. There thermodynamics involved. With the ingredients as well as the stir. someone asked about chilling the glass.

  19. You did not discuss the importance of ice temperature. And this is critical.
    Ice at -1C will chill a lot less and melt/dilute a lot more than ice at -30C.
    The colder the ice, the more chill and less dilution you get.
    And the effect is very significant.

  20. Actually, dilution only happens when the ice is at 0°C (Celsius). If the ice is frozen at -14°C (typical freezer temperature), it will chill the drink before melting.
    So, you can technically chill a drink with no dilution just by using more ice, and shorten the time it is into contact with the drink.

  21. I understand you want to dillute while cooling because it's required indrinks..but there's many ways to dillute or cool without doing the other..

  22. Hi what do you think about metal cubes for cooling a drink ?

  23. Heyo. I have a question regarding stirring/shaking juices or acid from lemons/limes.
    As far as I know, the reason you're shaking drinks with acidity is to create the air bubbles from shaking, and the air bubbles take some sharpness of the acidity away which creates a more balanced drink. Is this the reason you're shaking juices as well? Or is it a tradeoff between temperature/dilution in the regard that lemon, lime and juices taste better at lower temperatures (can't be, right)?

    Also, why can't you stir these? I know some recipes call for it, and I myself created a stirred drink with lemon juice, stirring because I wanted the lemon to keep its sharpness. Shaking it would, if what I believe to be correct is correct, make the drink more mellow and actually ruin it rather than make it better.

    So basically, am I on the right track? If not, when would you stir acidity/juices and break the rule of "always shake"?

  24. I enjoying, will read more. Cheers!

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