Getting Started – Cocktail Equipment

For those just getting started, this video shows you the essential cocktail equipment, what it’s for, and where you can get it.







MUSIC: “Book Bag” by E’s Jammy Jams


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  1. So it seems the only difference between a "mixing glass" and a beaker is graduation

  2. do not get a wooden muddler

  3. really enjoy your channel, keept it up!

  4. Some more stuff to add to the list: (im swedish so the words might not be correct)

    – Pourer (to put on the bottles for easier and better looking pouring)

    – "Cest Iron" (roughly translated, some more tools to cut away the skin of lemon, lime or oranges etc, you got the small one for "twirls" or the one with 4-5 holes for more sprinkles)

    – Rimmer (not needed that much, you could just use a small plate for it but if you want it perfect than a rimmer is good)

    – Glasses! (you didn't mention any glasses, martini, margarita, hurricane, long drink, short drink, and so on)

    Just a few that came through my mind 🙂 otherwise great video

  5. Curious. What about club soda?

  6. this was very helpful thank you for this series!

  7. Excellent video, will get shopping ! 😀

  8. Another great video Nick! I promise to buy the equipment that I DO need from your links 🙂

  9. Great production quality. Well done!

  10. You should set yourself up a Patreon page!

  11. This is awesome content! Thank you for putting this together. I am happy to see the channel growing!

  12. I don't even make cocktails but this is really interesting.

    Have you ever seen the anime Bartender? Suddenly I want to make a bunch of drinks.

  13. Aww yea! Nice pick with the music man!

  14. I have no idea when I'll start making cocktails but boy are these videos wonderful and relaxing to watch!

  15. This is perfect! really love beginner videos. maybe real examples of the variety of ways to use them would be nice, but not really necessary. already watched all your videos and I know that I am definitely going to watch literally every single one of your videos to come! can't wait to see more!

  16. Loved this video, was super useful and very clear. Keep it up!

  17. Love your videos and your simple style..
    Upload videos regularly like 2 or 3 per week and also videos of making popular cocktails ..

    Will start making cocktails from home..

  18. You're awesome mate!

  19. Quality content, mate.

  20. 1:31 the way you stir is amazing

  21. Thank you so much. I don't drink nor do I have any plans to partake. But watching your videos is soo calming and you learn a tonne of stuff too. Thanks again! Love your videos.

  22. Nick iron that cloth, it has been bothering me since you have started making your videos, anyway keep up the good work.

  23. sick vid and thanks for taking our suggestions. will be buying some of these items I'm missing via ur website soon. Cheers!

  24. You are by FAR my favourite cocktail channel. Everyone takes so long to say anything, and they spend forever going on about things that don't matter to the topic. You're straight to the point and just interesting enough to balance it and keep me watching. Great videos, man, keep it up!

  25. I've got a mason jar shaker and it's my favorite thing ever. Clear so you can completely see your cocktail, but has a strainer lid for convenience. If you can find the lid attachment, you could simply add it to any standard ball mason jar.

  26. I've got it! The music reminds me of Charlie Brown.

  27. Good selection of kit but I couldn't in good faith recommend the muddler you've picked up – it's got a lacquered finish which always ends up flaking off in the drink. A plain wood one that's been oiled is so much better – I did the one Jeffrey Morgenthaler recommended made out of a French rolling pin cut in half and I'm so much happier with it. And I have two! Bonus!

  28. thanks for sharing this information for the noob people like me. I am starting to improve my bartender skills to do some drink to my family and friend and I have some of this equipment in my bar. This is a great video and enjoy a lot your content. Keep the good work. 😀

  29. ive been making cocktails since i was 18 (roommates bought me alcohol, lol). it's amazing to see so many other people who love what i love. you're channel is really demonstrating how much fun it can be to experiment with drinks.

  30. THANKS! the demonstration was great. to be honest i had no idea how to use more that half of the equpiment

  31. If this cocktail thing doesn't work out, you have a career in mime just waiting for you 😛

  32. If you know a fairly simple solution to getting clear ice out of those ice ball molds (I own one just like that), I'm all ears! Keep up the good work!

  33. Looking forward to a video about different glass types.

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