Getting Started – 3 Cocktail Books I Use And Recommend

Whether you’re holiday shopping or looking to improve your cocktail skills, here are three books I recommend:
1) Beginners: “The Art Of The Bar”
2) Advanced techniques: “Liquid Intelligence”
3) History of cocktails: “A Proper Drink”







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  7. I recommend The Craft of the Cocktail by Dale Degroff. A classic one full of anecdotes, basic techniques, classic recipes and their variations.

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  11. How are things measured in the books? Ounces? Metric? "Parts"? Greetings from Sweden 🙂

  12. Thank you for the video!!!! Have you read "Cocktails of the south pacific and beyond"? What do you think about it?

  13. God damnit, I already bought all the gear you recommended, now text books?!?! And its like twice the price of all the gear. Damn it. Onto the christmas list I suppose.

  14. I know your channel normally focuses on alcoholic mixed drinks, but it would be cool to learn about non-alcoholic/ "mocktail" drinks. I want to learn about what makes alcoholic drinks tick so that I could make accurate mock-tail versions of those drinks.

  15. Thanks Nick! I'm definitely getting The Art of the Bar asap as a Christmas/birthday present for myself. I wanna get good. I make decent cocktails of my favs but I wanna expand and make better drinks for all my straight delinquent friends that hate girly drinks lol

  16. Would very much suggest "Bar Book" by Jeffrey Morgenthaler for beginners. It's a very well written book with instructions from how to infuse and the importance of ice and such

  17. I found Liquid Intelligence 99% useless.

    Yes, it has interesting parts to read, and some of his experiments are interesting.
    But you can use hardly any of his techniques and ideas unless you have a 10k+ in equipment, plus chemicals and stuff that would be even illegal or controlled substances in quite some countries.

    If somebody ask me for a cocktail book to buy or to borrow, my goto books are

    The bar book, by jeffrey morgenthaler (because he explains all the techniques and methods needed)
    PDT bar books (to have a good number of recipes without having to use the internet)
    Beachbum Berry remixed (if they want exotic and Tiki Stuff)

  18. love the videos! keep em coming

  19. I also recommend "Drunken Botanist" if you want to learn about specific ingredients and produce that go into making spirits around the world. Death & Co. make a fantastic cocktail book as well full of original D&C recipes.

  20. Definately going to add all three to my wish list!

  21. Great video! Loved the "liquid intelligence", will probably buy it!

  22. Three books I need to buy!

  23. Thanks! Really useflu, out of interest, I've also purchased "Death & Co", which I have found a really good read Have you read it?

  24. I have asked this before, but will you make some videos for the professional bartender? Any additional books you would recommend?

  25. Thanks for another great video! Think I'm gonna check A Proper Drink 🙂

  26. Ha, here from bing, this is what i was searching for.

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