Fresh Campari Cocktail | Japan’s Greatest Bartender – Hiroyasu Kayama

The greatest bartender of Japan, Hiroyasu Kayama of Ben Fiddich, is a mixology magician straight out of Tokyo.

Watch the master at work on a Fresh Campari Cocktail.

Grapefruit Juice
Tonic water
Angelica Root
Calamus Root
Swertia Japonica
Liquorice Powder
Cinnamon Powder
Orange Peel
Coriander Seed

Directed by Marshmallow Tartz
Edited by Miles Trahan
Sound Design by Ross Backenkeller

Hiroyasu Kayama

88 Rising

88 is double happiness


22 thoughts on “Fresh Campari Cocktail | Japan’s Greatest Bartender – Hiroyasu Kayama

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  1. He COULD just put that spoon back into the water, but no. Japan's best doesn't play that, he swirls upon re-entry because I don't know why. Love it though.

  2. That's a bartender or an alchemist?

  3. What a wonderful and sexy drink…

  4. This IMO is a real bartender, not the idiot kids juggling bottles like they are clowns. A bartender must have class, in fact, all bartenders should watch the anime One Hell of a Butler and try emulate some features of that character. I always laugh when I see stupid amateurs act like they are some top shit but all they are doing is being a monkey with their bottles.

  5. I just came here for the ASMR

  6. How much elegance!, a very good example of how to do it.

  7. One thing i noticed on these videos is the sound. So crisp, so sharp to the point that it almost sounded artificial. the water drops, the crushed herbs…

  8. I think I saw something about season 2 of this bartender but it's not happening until now

  9. where my asmr people at?

  10. the asmr is real..

  11. This is the guy who takes 15 minutes to bring me my 10 dollar bud light at the bar in NYC.

  12. Look at the discipline and the manners. Real Japanese robots

  13. this guy is just making curry….

  14. Unintentional Asmr at its finest

  15. That cocktail probably also cures cancer

  16. that's a fuck ton of cinnamon bud.

  17. Excellent video but excessive sound post production. The fake noises kill the vibe.

  18. Why the asmr effects? lol

  19. this is too japanese even for me

  20. This is great to watch but the loud sound of liquids being poured just makes me want to take a piss, which means i can't concentrate on the video because all i can think of is taking a piss.

  21. What sound is this?

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