Firecracker Shot, Now With Real Fire!

Today we light stuff on fire and Doug then blows it all over my table. The Firecracker shot is intense on the face and a bit of work to blow out, watch and see.

A few outtakes at the end.

Shot Glasses:
Gravity Release Jigger:
OXO Measuring Cups:

Firecracker Shot
3/4 oz. Cinnamon Schnapps (Goldschlager), 1/4 oz. Overproof Rum (151), Cinnamon Powder

Drink Responsibly.


36 thoughts on “Firecracker Shot, Now With Real Fire!

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  1. Curtis's reaction though lol

  2. This is my new favorite video.Boom boom boom!! LMFAO!

  3. Just started watching these videos.. I think you guys are my heros

  4. I love doug (no homo)

  5. I'm always entertained. And love trying to remake.

  6. haha love the reaction and the D&D tshirt!!!!

  7. Drunk Doug is awesome. 

  8. me and doug would have a fucking great time…I think it would be very fun to drink with you guys…but I live in Canada

  9. whats in that green bottle?

  10. If you light something like that with 151 its going to taste like shit reminder to all ypu guys!

  11. Could you tell me whats the name of "that" thing that you use yo serve the overproof rum??

  12. 😀 you used my shot ^^ so when i created it there was a small story to it (first of all i never tried it with goldschlager just with smirnoff gold)
    1. so the gold in the drink is supposed to be like the sparks from a firecracker
    2. the overprooved rum symbolizes the red stuff in firecrackers
    3. the fire is supposed to be he lighter and as soon as you put
    4. the cinnamon powder in it its oing to be your fuse and when you
    5. drink it your face will explode(curtis showed it perfectly^^)

  13. I saw a vaportini glass on your store, the store is totally rad btw, but you should do a vaportini cocktail video. 🙂

  14. I did something similar except with 6 oz of eggnog, 1 oz of rum, and 151 and using nutmeg instead of cinnamon.

  15. What kinda watch does Curtis have? I like it

  16. does the dog keep knocking the camera between shows? lol a couple episodes have been slanted

  17. Curtis is right, ferris buelers day off is the best movie ever!

  18. Freaking Awesome reaction. Haha.
    I so gotta get one of those 'Layering Dealios'.

  19. Try to finish that Gosling Black Seal Rum in just plain shots…you will not remember what the hell happened  the next day lol . I still kept that fancy bottle they use to make them in 😉 

  20. Oh yeah….that guy in the middle is a tool!!! Just joking Curd!!! Ya can't get no respect on the tube!!!

  21. Fly Dougie Dick up once a month!! Makes for great content!!!

  22. Doug is so drunk. XD ahahaha

  23. I hate that guy in the middle

  24. I think it would be better with Kraken on top. I know you couldn't light it, but the flavor would be better.

  25. Loose that guy in the middle

  26. Oh man, drunk Doug always makes my day. He behaves like a little kid

  27. sooo can we buy "doug condoms" on lol

  28. im so glad doug is back! Hes so funny when hes drunk.

  29. Still funny as hell!! It was a nice treat have Doug back

  30. Bad recipe! Maybe lol

  31. Hilarious video! Curtis's reaction to the shot is priceless! May try this, but I hate the shots with high proof rum layers! That's all I ever taste! Haha

  32. Doug is such a little kid when he's drunk. Great show

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