Da Tweekaz – Wodka (Official Video Clip)

Stay way from my Wodka!
The official video clip of “Da Tweekaz – Wodka” – showing you the true experience of Wodka. Was that night real, or was it all just a dream!? You’ll never know!

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Video by:
Vlad Nikolaev


21 thoughts on “Da Tweekaz – Wodka (Official Video Clip)

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  1. Hey Niko, let's go bowling, shall we? Then we grab some vodka on the way…

  2. Original voz by nikolai belinski (Game: Call of Duty Black Ops I [Zombies]). 🙂


  4. das am am Ende auf Deutsch?

  5. Fuck Russia, Poland is the best !!!! Vodka ! xdd

  6. Stay away from my wodka

  7. Any western spy here? or any squatting gopniks? No?.. Ay blyat!

  8. People keep saying BO, Nikolai was introduced in World At War x)

  9. polska lepsza XD

  10. Россия!/rusia!

    I was a little bit of Russian

  11. Да здравствует vozka и России!

  12. Morning in Russia)))

  13. A true Nikolai tribute

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