32 thoughts on “Cocktails: Cosmopolitan

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  1. rhooo la pouff qui veut shaker ! MDR Faut avoir plus de bras ma chérie !

  2. This is like and intro for a porn video.

  3. bartender is a bit greasy, dirty looking.

  4. If we become bartender WoW we can enjoy, Girlsssssssssss

  5. she looks sooo nasty

  6. What a shitty bartender… the only amusing thing for me is how the woman plays with the low IQ of the poor guy in almost every comment at every single video, regardless of the fact that they fancy each other, wich is quite obvious

  7. ok. I just figure if he used traditional vodka it would definitely call for more citrus.

  8. you think it wrong

  9. these two have a really quirky delightful chemistry hahah

  10. for a moment I thought this was porn..

  11. the use of citron vodka offsets any need for more lime juice, I would think

  12. I think this guy's favourite sentence is this; Here we are… Check the other videos and listen… Here we are, here we are…

  13. So I'm not the only one who thinks he looks like Orlando bloom right?

  14. more lime juice? more cranberry? naaaah!! it's Cosmopolitan, isn't cranberry sour.

  15. hi i'm Alex Lovell, and Rafaelle gave me some special COCKtails

  16. @pencrazygirl Cointreau IS triple sec. It is a brand name like Grey Goose is to vodka.

  17. surprised she werent shaking his cock over the ba

  18. Wow, thanks so much!!! I'll definitely try those out! 😀

  19. I laughed so hard at your comment!!!

  20. oooo, "Perfect." Love how he says that!

  21. with a name like that raffaele he gets pussy all the time

  22. @TheReptilianBrain true story

  23. 1:52 start going to the fucking gym and I know ur a woman but grow some fucking balls..

  24. @MrKevy1988 lol he bartends at the soho house and you? applebees? love how everyone is an expert lol

  25. @SpunkyGurrl its up to preference really triple sec and cointreau can be switched….citrus vodka and vodka too….but your recipe forgot the lime!!

  26. chill the glass, shake for longer.

  27. @MrKevy1988 hey man,. why 'start with the cheapest ingredient,.'?

  28. tee hee i agree that she must b trashed after this. Im hoping shes doing them A-Z and will b plastered by sex on the beach just slurring her way thru it and hitting on the bar man with poor puns about sex on the beach.

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