Cocktail Guide: Rum Sour – The Wild Geese® Golden Rum

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UK Residents can purchase The Wild Geese® Rum Collection through their website at:

The Wild Geese® Rum Collection @ The Artesian Bar, Langham Hotel, London (World's best bar 2012, Drinks International)

In this video, Simone Caporale from the Artesian Bar gives us a guide on how to make the Rum Sour using The Wild Geese® Golden Rum!

2 parts of The Wild® Geese Golden Rum
1 part of lemon juice
Half part of sugar syrup
1 whole egg white
Float of Claret wine

First put lemon and sugar into a shaker, then the egg white and rum last... whisk it quickly, add ice and shake it very hard....
Once poured, leaving it a few seconds before floating a spoon of red wine on top of the foam...


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  1. なんていうカクテルですか?

  2. What eould you do if you have 50 people 🙂

  3. Anything with raw egg in it makes me want to vomit. I hate undone eggs.

  4. i love how energetuc this guy is

  5. Seems like far too much time & effort for a measly mouthful of drink.

  6. 0:31 the sound that's made when his boyfriend take their cock out of his ass

  7. 3:00 I miss good old times when you are like 16-19 and you could do anything without all your face goes red, extremely loud nose breathing, "lightly sweating" and stinky feet from every focusing moment. This is like the most annoying thing about being adult.

  8. Doesn't he work at City Space Bar now?

  9. this is fine and everything, but the rum sour i know is made with lime juice and called a "daiquiri."

  10. now. this lad is one of my favourite bartenders right now but, did he put half the lemon juice into the jigger and squeeze the rest straight into the shaker? continuity and consistency fail there. still much better than I will be and an inspiration.

  11. I like this clip… 🙂

  12. Paul Mason: Have you noticed that this is a demonstration video? Do you think he explains in the same kind of detail when he's working?

  13. a full eggwhite might be a bit much for just one sour imo. Always think economy

  14. On soooo much acid where am i?

  15. 5 mins to make a rum sour!!!! turn it in.

  16. Mixology is a real thing, but it doesn't always have to do with science. Think of it as the study of making cocktails.

  17. none of what you mentioned makes it science according to your criteria lawn mowing is also a science. My comment was not related to video I have highest respect for this man.

  18. It is a science… It would take you a long time to just make the drink in the video to his standards, hundreds of hours of practice, let alone be able to put together an entirely original MENU of drinks of such quality.

  19. Respect, you are a master of mixology!

  20. getting this drink in a bar would cost around £6/£10 but the amount of effort this guy put in u feel like you owe him £50

  21. Mixology (still not a real thing…) you silly fuckers want -gy or -gist by your name but making drinks is not a science… using this stupid term does not make you any better barman. It's a simple job… the had part is being as fast and elegant as he is doing that.

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