Basic Cocktails – How To Make The Manhattan

The Manhattan is a classic spirit-forward cocktail of the 19th century. This is a great drink to learn and master when you’re getting started.







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  1. I like mine sans cherries and I do like the rye whiskey best.

  2. How could someone dislike those videos?

  3. If Bart can do it, so can I

  4. Hot damn I love Whistle Pig. I'm from VT so it's awesome to see it out and about. You know, the guys who run the distillery when they first started selling the stuff they would go to the farmers markets around the state and give out samples.

  5. I just made this following your exact recipe. Did you make a double? It seems like your liquid output is way greater than what I'm seeing in my glass.

  6. absolutely love ur videos…keep it up man!

  7. Love your vids bud. Highly informative, completely entertaining and very impressive. Keep up the good work.

  8. 45 seconds seems extreme. Aren't your over diluting at that point?

  9. Manhattan is one of my favorite drinks.

    Can you do a video on the types of garnishes and why garnish certain drinks with certain garnishes?

  10. finally. other videos ruin this drink

  11. I make mine with the same ingredients but I prefer mine 2oz rye to 3/4oz sweet vermouth and two dashes.

  12. The american focus of the recommended brands of things drives me a bit batty I will be honest.

  13. I just watched all of your videos in one run.
    Presentation, content, both great!

  14. No dislikes! Keep it up dude!

  15. Love your videos. I'd love to see the Daquiri, Mojito, or any other Rum based cocktail get the Cocktail Chemistry Treatment. Cheers from AZ.

  16. Please would you dont aß nett the Oldenburg cuban

  17. Id love to see a Tiki Cocktail on your Channel 🙂 keep up the good work

  18. I hope that now that you have finished moving you can release the videos quicker. Would love to see a new one every week. I don't even drink, yet you're one of my favorite channels because this stuff is just so fun to watch. Do you like to drink coffee, too? I'd be SO stoked to see a coffee version of this channel. Hmm… maybe I should try making a coffee video on my channel and seeing how it does.

  19. Just got gifted a bottle of Bourbon today, gonna try making this with that 😀

  20. I've never had one of these before, I'll try one next time I'm out with friends 🙂

    Also, do you normally drink the whole thing after? I only ever see you take the smallest of sips and it looks so good.

  21. I enjoying, will read more. Cheers!

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