Basic Cocktails – How To Make A Negroni

The Negroni is a classic spirit-forward cocktail that is relatively easy to make. In this video, I also teach you how to make the Boulevardier, the close cousin of the Negroni.









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  1. love me some niggeroni

  2. Negroni is the best cocktail and a man's drink unlike all those sweet cocktails. Replace gin with vodka for a negrosky (but the gin version is oh so mich better)

  3. never had a negroni. how does one taste?

  4. like the video… old pal!

  5. Riding the Negroni pony

  6. Made it, very good thanks!

  7. is your preference to use stir & strain technique for this cocktail? (I remember that negroni is an exception and for this is a build)
    anyway, finally a serious bartending channel! you got my sub, sir :))

  8. Negronis taste like utter shite

  9. Hallo ,a good Choice of Spirits to mix a Negroni . Here's a good Negroni Variation in my opignon.2cl herbal Gin , 2cl Sweet red Vermouth , 1 cl Aperol , 1/2 Teaspoon Roses Lime Juice, some dashes orangeflower- or Rosewater, Stir it cold with much ice , Drink it in a Frozen Martini Glas ob The Rocks . This is my Personal Variation of the comtessa Negroni Drink . And now i am going to make Hollow Ice Balls

  10. So you mix, Gin, Campari Vermouth and add some ice? That's probably one of he easiest cocktails I've seen. Probably gives you also a good buzz, since it's all liquor.

  11. can't wait for your next video 🙂

  12. I've recently discovered the joys of an espresso martini in the morning. I first came across it in a small hipster bar in the town I've recently moved to, but after searching online, I've struggled to find a recipe for it that I was entirely happy with. any chance of you recording a video of your take on this decent breakfast drink? and also to give me an excuse to day-drink without it looking like I have a drinking problem..

  13. his voice really reminds me of cryaotic :')

  14. You should do a video on how to make James Bond's Vesper.

  15. Hey man, love the videos, however do you think you could make some drinks using some more well known liqueurs such as Jack Daniels, Smirnoff, JWalker etc. I think some people would appreciate seeing some fancy drinks that they can make at home with the bottles they do have instead of having to go out and by fancier Liqueurs specifically for the use in only a few drinks! Not sure about anyone else but I really want to make some drinks that you do but don't want to go out and buy three or four bottles as I already have heaps at home! Cheers.

  16. I've been drinking negronis all week.

    +1,000,000 for "Take 5"

  17. I am your fan, can you make cocktails using only vodka

  18. Could go without Take 5 in the background.

  19. is this a guy that lied about no man sky

  20. Negroni is one of my favourite cocktails ever. Great On The Rocks before dinner as appetizer

  21. Negroni? I'll take five

  22. Perfect sinergy of flavours.

  23. I guess it truly just takes five 🙂
    …Ingredients that is.

  24. Negroni in a coupe? I guess..

  25. Hey man, I was wondering if you might have any ideas on how to solve a little 'problem' I have.
    I always watch your video's and really wonder what all these drinks taste like, but I don't really have the money to go out and just buy full bottles of every liqeur, adding the chance that I don't even like the taste of it. Do you have any tips on how to get around trying a lot of different drinks before having to buy full bottles? (A (cocktail)bar is not really an option for me since there are no good ones anywhere near me :s)

  26. Brubeck and a sexy Yarai mixing glass.

  27. I just started making Cocktails two months ago and your channel is my biggest help, thanks for all your good Videos!!
    Greetings from Germany!

  28. How do I make a Jabroni?

  29. For an advanced one can you do the flaming homer drink from the simpsons, or some kind of Stranger Things themed drink. 🙂

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