Advanced Techniques – How To Make The “Smoke Bomb”

One of the coolest tricks I know is this “smoke bomb”. Fill an ice ball with smoke, only to smash it open over your cocktail. This one is sure to impress your friends!









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  1. why am i watching this though

  2. What's up with the pansy sip at the end? It barely touches his lip?-_-

  3. Looks really easy tbh but it's probably harder that it looks

  4. You can also use a voporizer to produce the "smoke". Gives a big variation of smells, that can strenghen the taste afterwards.

  5. any link to the specific funnel you use, not the smaller one linked to in the equipment list?

  6. Forgot any advice anyone ever gave you, this video shows you how to get guaranteed sex

  7. That was so incredibly awesome!

  8. If it's someone you don't like, bust a fart in the ice ball instead.

  9. This guy brings out my iner drunk

  10. Very neat trick but i wonder how safe is that?

  11. Man, seriously, you're The Shit! Really, congratulations! I have been a bartender for 10 years and I have never been so impressed!

  12. Another component, sensible guests.

  13. Can't imagine how many customers smash the glass doing this shit

  14. Good Work, a video has to watch several times

  15. I'm under aged but I like the elegance of your videos

  16. The most fancy cocktail I have ever seen!

  17. SMOKE BOMB -krieger

  18. imagine burning some weed,hash/wax in that ice ball instead of hickory xD

  19. for almost all tricks here : sounds good,doesn't work

  20. There was this constant nagging curiousity that a found surprising to myself considering that I don't smoke let alone smoke weed, but would it work with marijuana smoke? (The "devil's cabbage" is recreationally legal where I'm at in case anyone's wondering/worried. :P)

  21. that man is the defenition of classy

  22. This is like binging with babish but with booze lol

  23. I'd rather fart in an ice ball and serve it to Trump.

  24. averna is the best thing ever happened in this world

  25. Every song in the background of each of your videos (at least the ones I've done) have been ones that I've played for my saxophone grades

  26. go's gets his ice mold and bong . i got me a idea to improve this .

  27. I wouldn't recommend aluminium foil

  28. "pass your drunk customer a hammer." sure, let them break a crystal glass in your drinking establishment.

  29. Can use vape instead?

  30. Do you purposely pronounce Maraschino incorrectly?

  31. i can funnel my fart too. and make one like this for others to drink.

  32. I don't even drink yet I love watching these videos. Probably for the same reason I watch weed videos with people talking about strains when I've never smoked.

    I'm a sucker for narration and learning about unfamiliar topics.

  33. i thought it was an actual smoke bomb… god dammit

  34. damn.. i thought ALL that equipment was for the ice bomb!

  35. who the fuck has time for this?

  36. bing brought me here. Cheers!

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