Advanced Techniques – How To Make The Perfect Moscow Mule

A spicy Moscow Mule is the ultimate crowd pleaser. Here I’ll teach you how to make an amazing ginger syrup for a Moscow Mule, Kentucky Mule, or a Dark and Stormy.









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  1. Your beard is so on point 😮

  2. Use a spoon for peeling ginger. It'll take less flesh.

  3. These are delishes!! My wife and I have found that we like to use 1 1/2 parts of the syrup to add a bit more ginger. You're right; we won't be going back to ginger beer!! Thanks.

  4. FUCK! Came to this and immediately thought of Godot from Ace Attorney. That music…

  5. The best moscow mule I've had was made with bitters.

  6. I thought it wasn't a mule without crushed ice…

  7. Let me give you the recipe… Doesn't tell us the amounts #Fail

  8. You should use a spoon to peel ginger. It is way less wasteful.

  9. Why is his style so close to binging with babish?

  10. This guy must take forever to get drunk with all that prep

  11. You can supereasily peel ginger with a spoon. The skin comes right off

  12. 1:07 used a spoon it works better! (no joke and scrap the skin it is faster better and safer)

  13. Have you ever heard about a so called "Munich mule"? It's basically the same as Moscow mule but with gin instead of Vodka. It's very popular around and in the area of Munich where I live.

  14. The brother of Babish that became a professional alcoholic.

  15. I would have liked the measurements for each without going to the website, but I'm lazy.

  16. As the video started the music surprised me and brought back some memories

  17. I've tried many different bottled ginger beers/sodas for Moscow mules and this recipe is just so much better. I always have just used water and sugar instead of agave syrup and it turns out great.

  18. Peel your ginger with a spoon. You'll waste less product and be quicker.

  19. " I recommend a nut bag" Phrasing!

  20. his channel is like Binging with Babish just with drinks

  21. I could fall asleep to this. I'm so glad it isn't some, "In your face, loud and obnoxious, 'What's up guys, it's [insert generic youtuber]", royalty free uekelele" piece of shit video.

  22. The Moscow Mule isn't a real Moscow Mule unless it's done with Cock 'n Bull Ginger Beer

  23. I got here from watching Hearthstone. It's 02:13 and I'm not even legally allowed to drink. Wtf am I doing.

  24. What's about cucumber? I had cucumber in my Moscow mule and it was so good. Or is that wrong?

    1. I have never tried that but it sounds good. And its never wrong if it tastes good and gets you tipsy!

  25. i think i saw something like this on better call saul

  26. thanks. this solves my problem of not being able to make a Moscow mule due to drinking all the ginger beer.

  27. Im so happy lol, this remix of the song fragrance of dark coffee fits so well

  28. Kentucky mule sounds much bettet

  29. I wouldn't suggest putting ginger in your nut-bag. it stings

  30. I don't even drink alcohol due to the alcoholics in my life but the combo of your voice and how interesting these recipes can be (plus the big ice balls) always entertain me.

  31. I like my Moscow mule's spicy too. There's a speak-easy down in starkville that keeps dropper bottles of vodka infused with various fruits and spices and my friend ordered me a mule with a few drops of jalapeño infused vodka and I gotta say, very interesting. Sounded weird to be honest, but I like what it did for the flavor

  32. Why do you double strain them?

  33. toast that pepper and with your eyes open as wide as possible, place your face over the pot and inhale deeply.

  34. The Moscow Mule, the cocktail for people who don't like cocktails.

  35. Never heard of adding club soda.

  36. mmmmmmmoscow mmmmmmule…

  37. How long does the syrup last without the vodka?

  38. You can peel ginger much easier by scraping off the peel than using a peeler.

  39. make me a 'screaming viking'  from 'Cheers'!

  40. Wait a second. Wasn't Moscow Mule with Cucumber. Ordered it in a Bar a few nights ago and it came with cucumber

  41. Ginger and lime? What kind of Russia do you think we live in?

    Proper recipe: cold vodka

  42. Jesus Christ! I gotta pull out fucking pots and funnels and nut bags just to have a fucking drink? I guess any mutha fucka would be thirsty after doing all that shit.

  43. What do you do with the leftover ginger mash?

  44. Great stuff man keep it up

  45. I like it with gin instead of vodka. What do you call that?

  46. How come you didn't use mint??

  47. How much Agave and water did you use??

  48. If I'm not mistaken, the music used is actually a piano arrangement of, "Fragrance of Dark Coffee," one of the themes of a character from the Ace Attorney video game series. It pairs especially well with a rainy ambient track as well as that of a city-scape.

    It got me through a lot of late nights finishing schoolwork on which I'd procrastinated heavily. I imagine it also goes excellently with most drinks featured on this channel.

  49. Awesome, interested to see what your future posts will contain!

  50. bing got me here. Cheers!

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