Advanced Techniques – How To Flame A Citrus Peel

Surprise and delight your guests by igniting the oils from a citrus peel. In this video you’ll learn how the chemical compound called “limonene” plays a critical role in this simple bar trick.







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30 thoughts on “Advanced Techniques – How To Flame A Citrus Peel

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  1. I actually hate the texture of the inside of an orange so much that I like the skin better than the rest of the fruit

  2. I love your crappy apartment! Also, your videos are aaaight.

  3. damn, shit's so classy i need a second monocle

  4. Ah, flaming a citrus peel. The "Tadah" of the bartender.

  5. espressed, not expressed.

  6. buttery smooth voice

  7. never gonna do any of these things but sure as hell cool to watch! lol

  8. I flamed an is tumble had fritter to keeping for bullfinch ambience mall of halo with the following bridal salmon, obviously.

  9. This trick have got me some good tips at the bar i work at! 😀

    Thanks man!

  10. I am a straight male and I love you.

  11. Thank you for share my friend, great channel.

  12. so making a combustible lemon isn't that far fetched

  13. Fire does nothing to the cirtus peel, no carbonize no nothing. Whole thing about using the flamed peel comes up from disco era, when everthing had to be colorfull, burning and funky. So the idea of using it was just about to make your guests like "wow, what was that that" ..

  14. this dudes voice is better than morgan freemans

  15. So after flaming the peel does one squeeze it again to extract more oils?

  16. nice combination of factors, the guy knows some techniques that probably he read somewhere, or not, doesn't matter, the trick is in the voice and sound. Your editing skills could improve a little, an iphone for slowmotion isn't enough.
    Yeah, this channel could go big, really big.

  17. I just binge watched all your videos. Really high quality content my friend. Keep it up

  18. I dont drink. I havent drank in years. but i cook. there is so many drinks that could be done. keep going and I'll keep watching. and i'm sure one day i'll be inspired to copy a drink. I want to try the smoke bomb right after like a grilled steak. I guess if its going to be like a meal ender I'll make what you making….

  19. I dun even drink cocktail, but I fucking enjoy this video, and idk why. nice job dude!

  20. What a soothing voice.

  21. does flaming the peel make a significant different to taste ?

  22. You don't put the peel in the drink?

  23. this is a cool channel!

  24. Since your stuff is being hijacked left and right, you should consider watermarking your videos in the lower third with your YouTube channel name.

  25. will you make a video on molecular kitchen kaviar eggs? i came up with an idea using grenadine "kaviar" in a tequila sunrise or other more fruity cocktails that would harmonize from bubbles with a purer taste. sounds a lot like bubble tea but i really liked the feeling of the bubbles popping in my mouth

  26. Hey man, this site ripped your video and reuploaded it. Hope you can do something about it; that shit aint right.

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