15 Shots Vodka Death Challenge #1

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Another challenge is here! This time Herr Pink, Aaron, & Chris Wreckless will attempt the 15 Shots Vodka Death Challenge. For this challenge the person to grab the most shots filled with water wins!

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41 thoughts on “15 Shots Vodka Death Challenge #1

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  1. Fuck the guy in the lucky shirt, saying Obama is anti Crist

  2. What the fuck is that thing on the right and left?

  3. These are some all time ugliest human nominees

  4. Dude your Channel is garbage no lols

  5. How did gimli, smeegel, and fat Legolas go from lotr to shots in a shite hotel room?

  6. Wtf is this shit

  7. Why is this fat racist faggot always on his phone

  8. Pick the disabled guys to kill with vodka? So you can get out of this without doing time? GOOD JOB

  9. Sorry but there wasn't vodka. You assholes.

  10. jajajajjajajajajjajajja, i would like to be with that alcoholic guys.

  11. And cannabis is still illegal in most parts of the world. Yeah…

  12. wow … wotka is death … i do 10 vodka shots just for fun

  13. I have 8 shots of vodka for breakfast

  14. "7 will be Water"

    Disliked and reported.

  15. 15 shots?!?! "4 of them water"… so 11 shots. That's really a relaxing nightcap if you've had a decent dinner. Nothing impressive here…

  16. I guess Matt knows what ass taste like

  17. common guys they are just having a good time dont hate

  18. Y’all got some bad genes

  19. Look 3:49 and 4:52 the best parts of the video.

  20. Love you guys thanks to hating Obama !!!!!!!

  21. Is Chris already drunk? xD

  22. wtf me n my friends have downed 2 full jugs of vodka in a night n were sober as fuck just 2 of us

  23. Bunch of fucking goobers

  24. Holy shit hair pink has a fat cock

  25. Is that guy retarded or is he high?

  26. Its good start in Poland XDDDD

  27. i can tell these guys were the popular kids at school

  28. Я просто увидел как американцы бухают водку и воду кажется

  29. What about Trump?

  30. id challenge chris to a bottle chug

  31. americans are pussies as fuck xD when i was 15 i could drank more than 10 shots at like 10-15 mins at parties and it wasn't even putting me down and didnt make me feel badly

  32. these guys are already drunk

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