🍋 Easy Vodka Drinks: Vodka Collins / Easy Vodka Cocktail Series 1

The vodka collins, a drink that can easily be made incorrectly leaving you with a flat boring drink, a potent pile of mess or lemonade. You’ve got to meet somewhere in the middle.

This vodka collins cocktail does what it needs to do: it is a light and refreshing drink that won’t knock you off your feat, but also not too sour nor too sweet or potent.

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Vodka Collins
– 1 ½ oz. / 50ml Vodka
– 1 oz. / 30ml Fresh Lemon Juice
– ½ oz. / 15ml Simple Syrup
– 2 oz. / 60ml Soda/Carbonated Water
– Lemon Slice + Cherry Garnish

The Craft Cocktail, a spin-off of Common Man Cocktails which focuses on purely curated cocktail recipes and techniques that build off each other in more of an educational/learning tutorial.

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  1. Best cocktail series. Thanks a lot for making it…:)

  2. The Rob Collins is a lovely drink too. Gin (I like using Plymouth), St Germain and lemon juice. My wife and I prefer it with lime juice. Don't know if this has another "Collins" name. I must try it with vodka rather than gin.

  3. Just found this channel.

  4. I know someone this drink would be perfect for! They're one of thoooooose no gin drinkers 😛 Love the wardrobe!

  5. firs!

    As much as I love vodka, when can we expect other base spirits?

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